Harplyn Irrigation has done irrigation repairs on the farm, put in irrigation for us and installed a pump station and pump shed. Perry does a great job! They’re very prompt, and they jump right on it if you call them with an emergency. They are very honest and easy to work with. When I find someone like that, I give them my business. With the quality of Harplyn’s work, they are well worth it.

-Steve Lawrence, Owner of 3L, LLC

Harplyn, Inc. is currently doing all of the irrigation for a 50–acre blueberry operation for us right now in Pasco County, and they—with Perry Hollingsworth at their helm—have done a fantastic job thus far. They’re about 60 percent completed. They’ve put in all the underground irrigation very admirably under pretty intense adverse circumstances, judging from the weather we’ve had for the past two months. They did a fantastic job. We’re looking forward to them completing the job.

It’s a big gig for a new company, but we felt comfortable with them because they seemed to be incredibly honest when they were proposing the deal for us. They seemed to really want it; that was probably the biggest difference: that they were the ones who felt like they really wanted the business, and that they would stay on top of the ball—the ball moves in a whole lot of different directions in this kind of project—and that they would figure out a way to bring the project to completion and, hopefully, to long-term fruition.

-Austin Sigety, Owner of Frogmore Fresh

As a third-generation citrus grower in Southwest Florida, our family has used many companies to satisfy our irrigation needs. Since working with Perry Hollingsworth and his staff at Harplyn Inc., all of our needs have been met with prompt service and extreme professionalism. All jobs are completed on time but, more importantly, always on budget. I would recommend Mr. Hollingsworth and Harplyn Inc. to anyone because the quality of work is second to none.

-Justin Sorrells, Sorrells Citrus, Inc.

Perry Hollingsworth and his company, Harplyn, Inc., have done all our work for the past five years, and I have seen nothing but superior quality the whole time. He and his employees are men of their words, and they take every job personally and treat it like it is their own. The honesty and quality they supply is above and beyond any other irrigation service. They have done new installs, pump stations, repairs and more, and have completed everything at the highest level every time.

-Kenny Watson, Manager of Florida Land Management

Harplyn is very good to work with. Here at H & G Farms, we grow row crops—mostly watermelons—and Harplyn designed our field layouts, our water flow charts and they supply us with irrigation supplies and materials.

We like working with Harplyn because they do what they say they’re going to do, and few people in the world do that anymore. They also say what they’ll do and at the price they said they would do it for. That’s important to us.

-Aaron Hudson, of H & G Farms