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Perry Hollingsworth

Perry Hollingsworth has worked with in the irrigation business for many years. He has directed large scale irrigation projects for citrus, sugar cane, potatoes, corn and blueberry crops.   He has experience planning and implementing fertigation, sub surface drip, field GPS and topo work.  Perry has also helped clients with mulching and bedding for berries, land preparation; laser leveling, tree removal and construction of roadways, culverts,reservoirs, dikes, and swales. In addition he has directed new pump installations, pump repairs, and installation of automation sensor controls for soil moisture, rain and fertigation.  Perry has successfully assisted clients with securing financial assistance through a  number of complex government programs including F.A.R.M.S and N.R.C.S.



Dan Kimble
General Manager

A Florida native, Dan started his own landscaping business at the age of fifteen.  After graduating from Florida Southern College with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in both Marketing and Finance, he began to rapidly grow his landscaping business by purchasing accounts and subcontracting work.

After selling the business in 2008, Dan partnered with investors and purchased a struggling Peterbilt truck dealership in Virginia.  Within a few years, the company had been revitalized and began to produce significant profits and was able to facilitate the sale of the dealership at the end on 2012.

After returning home to Florida, Dan again looked toward the lawn and landscaping industry, joining the team at Harmony Care.  As General Manager, he implemented changes in strategy that have resulted in huge financial growth with a customer centric approach.  He was able to franchise the business model and sell the business at the end of 2014.

Dan’s responsibilities include business development, operations, sales and marketing.



Jesus Zamora
Operations Manager

 Jesus Zamora has lived in Florida his whole life being married 7 years to Mara Zamora with a son Jesus Jr. Age 7. Jesus has been in the irrigation industry for 6 years plus with experience in field installs, pump stations, automatic filtration, automation, fertigation and GPS equipment.

Jesus currently handles all purchasing ordering, jobs productivity, and engineering design material take offs on our large scaled projects. Jesus has been a great asset to Harplyn, Inc.